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Nirans Viewer Relesse 1.39 (1277)

Posted on | 5月 29, 2012 | Nirans Viewer Relesse 1.39 (1277) はコメントを受け付けていません。

Nirans Viewer 1.39(1277) が Release されました。
今回の Release は、Windows 版(x32、x64)になっています。
Nirans Viewer Release 1.39(1277)

NOTE: Not saved transparency settings is NOT a bug! you have to edit the transparency , then select the color picker and just press ok , the color picker is important as it sets the color , NOT the transparency slider!


added option to change between vertical and horizontal layout build floater
added a slidable Machinima panel for quick machinima related options + translation
added Object Inspect to pie menus
added Texture refresh to some right click menus
changed Scripts can use UI german translation
moved progress screen temporarly below UI but on top of World rendering to ensure usability of UI during TP
moved progressscreen below UI , so we found a good thing between hiding it and fully having it
removed Vetgrid due to TPV n stuff…sorry
removed old disabled AnimateTrees checkbox and Tree Details dropdown
removed HoverGlow feature from render pipeline and preferences aswell as its debugs
removed a bunch of first start and help aswell as intro video debugs
removed Optimizer button and options aswell as code
removed ability to fix IM Container and Floaters for now
tweaked skins panel
tweaked places profile layout
translated attached particles and light options
reduced application size by 23kb of code! thats a lot of code
reduced skin folder sizes by deleting lots of deprecated textures
cleaned up a lot of skin textures
fixed IM Containers fucking up child panel resizing every time a new session is started
fixed appearance shape edit resizing logic
fixed Streaming media sound label translation
fixed Media sound not playing in login , enjoy the music now =D
fixed shitloads of log errors and warnings
fixed german scripts translation
fixed some missing right click non-pie and pie menu translations
MAINT-841 FIXED ([PUBLIC]Folder “Lost and found” isn’t cleaned)

サードパーティ Viewer を使用するのは、あくまで自己責任、という事を忘れないで下さいませ。
開発者の皆様は、サポート、も、フォーラムや Second Life 内でのグループ活動、などを通して行ってくれていますけど、基本的には「ボランティア」と同じです。
Download Link
Windows (x64版) ・・・Direct Download Linkクリックでダウンロードが始まります
Windows (x32版) ・・・Direct Download Linkクリックでダウンロードが始まります
ペコリ(o_ _)o))


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